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We just received an Urgent Request from Ohio Council. Please review the critical points below.

The Ohio General Assembly has entered the final phase of deciding on the state budget for the next two years-and will likely finalize the budget by Monday, June 26. The current version of the budget includes language that would freeze Group VIII enrollment (AKA Medicaid expansion enrollment), starting July 1, 2018. Under this language, once you are ineligible for enrollment under expansion for any reason you can no longer re-enroll under expansion. We believe this may lead to over half of the current enrollees losing coverage in just the first year.

The legislature has also included requirements that only those working, in school, over 55 years old, in a treatment program, or with a severe mental or physical illness will be able to keep coverage starting in 2017. This language, commonly referred to as a “work requirement” means that someone looking for a job, or waiting for a spot to open up in a treatment program, will lose their health care entirely.

Individually, these provisions are harmful, but together they are lethal. Please raise your voice for the hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who currently rely on the extended Medicaid coverage so that they can continue to take care of their basic health needs, chronic physical and mental health diagnoses and/or stay on a path to recovery from drug and alcohol addictions.

Please contact your State Representatives and Senators TODAY. A sample message that can be sent as well as links to both the House Representatives and the Ohio Senate are listed below. 

Sample Message

The current version of HB 49 includes language that will remove healthcare access for hundreds of thousands of Ohioans over the next biennium.

As you prepare to cast a final vote on Ohio’s budget, please keep in mind the 700,000 Ohioans who are struggling to overcome chronic physical and mental health illnesses, addiction, poverty and other challenges.  Medicaid expansion allows them to keep the health care that aids in overcoming those challenges while also allowing Ohio’s Community Health Centers to expand appropriate capacity, adding providers, locations, integrating additional services like Medication Assisted Treatment, and expanding hours of operation to meet community need.

Please remove the Medicaid enrollment freeze and work requirements from HB 49-give Ohioans a chance to be healthy and productive!

Please take time TODAY to send a message to your House Representative and The Ohio Senate. This will be a devastating loss to Ohio Communities if it passes. Click the links below that will include email addresses for each member of the House and Ohio Senate. We need to do this today! The budget will most likely be finalized by Monday, June 26th. The full letter is available here.

Ohio Senate Listing

House of Representatives Listing