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In an effort to better understand agency readiness for December 1st, 2022, including MITS integration into the PNM, Fiscal Administrator (One Front Door), and MCO procurement, we have put together a short survey.

We would like this to be completed by the staff members familiar with and responsible for ensuring system setup and billing guidelines. Please forward this to the appropriate team member at your agency.

Please take a minute and select the link below to complete the survey. Your answers will help us understand whether or not Behavioral Health agencies are ready for these changes.

At Behavioral Health Billing Solutions, we know agencies are struggling with the recent PNM (Centralized Credentialing) go-live and the upcoming changes with MCO procurement and the Fiscal Administrator.

We are offering “office hours” to be used as a forum for agencies to discuss PNM problems or solutions as well as discuss the needed changes to your software program in order to be able to bill on February 1st, 2023.

Please use one or more of the below links to register for the BHBS Office Hours. The purpose and agenda for these sessions will be:

  • The PNM and questions or concerns related to it
  • What changes are coming 02/01/23
  • Any updates from our trading partner testing,
  • How to implement in CareLogic (which could also be applicable for other EHRs)
  • Open discussion and Q&A


This forum is open to all Behavioral Health Agencies in Ohio, clients of BHBS or not, on CareLogic or another EHR. Keep in mind, while we know the changes that are needed, we won’t be able to speak to exactly how your EHR, if other than CareLogic, will need to be changed.



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