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Survey request on BH Redesign Readiness.


Many agencies have received an urgent request to complete a survey from David F. Turner, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Counseling Source.


Please see below for more information about this important request. We (BHBS) have added a couple important questions to this survey. They are indicated in RED.


Elected officials are tasked with monitoring the BHR transition so as to make an accurate determination regarding whether or not ODM and ODMHAS are ready to go live on January 1, 2018 with phase I of BHR.


In the interests of giving the JMOC members the best information available on which to base their decision as to the readiness of the revised behavioral health system to go live, we ask you to respond to the following questions.


1)  What is your agency’s name?

2)  What is the name of the person completing this survey?

3)   Are you MH only, AOD only or dualy certified?

4)  Where is your agency located?

5)  What counties, boards, and geographic areas does your agency serve?

6)  How are you submitting claims to MITS?

7)   Do you submit claims manually to ODM only using the MITS portal?

8)   If so, have you been given any guidance as to how to beta test? If so, what guidance were you given?

9)   If you use software to submit claims, what Software Vendor do you use?

10)  What software program do you use? Are they ready for BH Redesign?

11)   As of today, is your software able to submit beta test claims to ODM?

12)   Have you volunteered for beta testing with ODM? If not, why not?

13)   If so, have you submitted claims for beta testing?

14)   How many claims have you sent?

15)   How many were processed successfully? Were you notified your claims paid as expected? You should receive a 277U and an 835 remittance advice to indicate payment was approved.

16)   Have you just sent the test scenarios or also claims that match your agency’s normal billing?

17)   Have you been notified that you “passed” the beta test according to ODM?

18)  Have you attempted to volunteer for beta testing and been turned away because you or your software  vendor were not ready to submit claims?

19)  Has your Trading Partner refused to submit test claims for your agency?

20)  Assuming you have volunteered to beta test and have not yet submitted any claims have you received emails or phone calls from ODM regarding your failure to submit any claims?

20)  If you received such an email or phone call, how would you characterize the tone: helpful, punitive, threatening, other?

21)  If you received such a call or email were you asked to withdraw as a volunteer participant in the beta test?

22)  Have you received any emails from ODM that reflect errors in the process of beta testing data?

23)  If your vendor has not yet provided you with BHR ready software, when does your software vendor estimate they will be delivering the software that is BHR ready?

24)   How long do you project that it will take you to be ready to beta test after you receive the software?

25)   Do you an have executed contract with all the relevant MyCare MCO’s?

26)   Have you been credentialed by all of the relevant MyCare MCO’s?

27)   Can you beta test with all of the relevant MyCare MCO’s?

28)   Have you been informed that you have passed your beta test with all of the relevant MCO’s?

29)   Do you feel that the current pace of the transition to BHR threatens the survival of your agency?

30)   Approximately how many clients does your agency serve?

31)   Are there any other issues or concerns that you feel that the members of JMOC should be aware of such that they can make the best decision possible about allowing ODM and ODMHAS to go live January 1, 2018 with BHR?

32) Is the local board that serves your area adopting the BH Redesign codes? If so, have they announced a planning schedule and timeline? What MACSIS replacement vendor is your board using?

33)   Would you, or a selected member of your staff (please specify), be willing to testify at a JMOC hearing as to the problems you are facing with your agency’s effort to make the BHR transition successfully?

While later response’s are welcome, time is of the essence so please respond to this questionnaire by Monday the 13th at 5 PM.

If you haven’t volunteered  to beta test, please do so ASAP (see attachment letter version of a recently mailed Executive Director Call To Action post card).

Thank you for your time and effort in responding to these questions. Good luck in your efforts to guide your agency through the BHR transition. We will keep you posted.

Please email responses to as soon as possible.

Behavioral Health Billing Solutions, LLC. supports the transition to the new code set but it is critical to gauge the readiness of ALL agencies across Ohio to ensure success.