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On May 15th, 2017, Medicaid updated their list of Behavioral Health agencies in Ohio with or without Affiliated Providers. On this list, we still have 146 Behavioral Health Agency NPI’s registered with Medicaid WITHOUT affiliated providers. 

To reiterate the guidance provided by Ohio Medicaid, if your providers are in the list below and will be providing services as of July 1st, 2017, they need to be registered with Medicaid under their W-9 information and then affiliated to your Practice Billing NPI. 

Note: If you have two Medicaid NPI’s, one for Behavioral Health and one for Substance Abuse and did not have affiliated providers listed, I did note the NPI type without since it’s possible that NPI may not provide services or doesn’t have any independently licensed providers that need registered. 

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Select the Complete list or the Unaffiliated link to see if all of your Agency’s providers are accounted for. 

This is a critical first step that must be completed if you have the above listed provider types that will be providing services to Medicaid as of July 1st, 2017. If you don’t have affiliated providers attached to your NPI, you will not be able to request a prior authorization for a service. Only registered, affiliated providers can be used to generate a Prior AUTH.