Behavioral Health Billing Solutions Simplifies Ohio Behavioral Health Billing Processes.

“Did you know that Ohio Medicaid offers Batch 270 Eligibility Checking to Trading Partners at no additional charge? This means you can check your client’s eligibility for up to 3 years with just a name, date of birth and social security number and the 271 Response is returned in about an hour”

Even IF your current software includes Batch 270 functionality, does it allow you to generate 270 eligibility files for all clients including Medicaid, Insurance, Self-Pay and Board? And can you generate a 270 file for your wait list clients?

The EMS Power Generator is independent of any software and offers everything mentioned above. Keep in mind, if you run it today, it not only gives you everyone that had termed Medicaid as of 05/31/2017, it gives you complete eligibility through all of June including Type (Regular, Schools, Expansion), what Managed Care Company they have (and is it CFC or ABD?) and Partial Coverage Periods or types like Qualified Medicare Beneficiary or SLMB that don’t cover Behavioral Health?

If you want to see how an actual user incorporates this functionality into a weekly billing schedule, contact me direct by email at or fill out a contact us form on my website for a quick 15 minute demo to see if it can drop the time you spend on checking eligibility from 8-10 hours a month to 15 minutes a week?