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The Ohio Senate voted today on the revised budget released by the Conference Committee who met yesterday to review the House and Senate versions of the Budget HB 49. The vote passed with 24 yes votes, 8 no votes and 1 excused vote by Senator Sykes.

The comparison document prepared by the Legislative Services Committee as well as the entire HB 49 document is available online. Below are specifics updates pertaining to the BH Redesign and the carve-in of Managed Care.

  • Behavioral Health Redesign is delayed until January 1st, 2018 with no early opt-in or payment guarantees available.

  • Carve in of Managed Care is delayed until July 1st, 2018.

  • The bill also retained the IT beta testing language that requires at least 50% of providers voluntarily participating in testing to be able to submit and receive a properly adjudicated claim prior to implementation of BH Redesign. 

  • Conference Committee Alters Medicaid Expansion, keeps Senate Freeze

    Medicaid Freeze: Conference Committee kept the Senate version of the language, meaning the freeze on enrollment beginning July 1, 2018 was left in the bill. They did add an exemption from the freeze for those with a mental illness or a drug addiction as defined in code. They also added a directive to the Medicaid Director to apply for a waiver implementing the freeze.  Changes can be found in Amendment CC6306.

    Controlling Board Language: They kept the Senate language and clarified that Controlling Board may authorize the expenditure if Congress does not amend federal law to lower the FMAP for the expansion eligibility group. Amendment CC6167 makes this change.

    Work Requirements: No change was made.

    Advocates for Medicaid expansion are calling for Governor Kasich to line-item veto provisions that would freeze Medicaid enrollment.

  • This portion was reported by The Ohio Council this afternoon in a correspondence to members.

The final budget bill will be sent to the Governor who can use a line item veto on portions of the bill and then sign it into law by June 30. The House and Senate suggested the possibility of a veto override, which would happen early July if they get support. 

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