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Contingency plan sign up info available.


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The Ohio Department of Medicaid announced today that additional applications will be accepted for the Time-Limited Cash Advance Contingency Plan. This extension of the Cash Advance Contingency Plan includes providers who have received reimbursement for BH services rendered since February 1, 2017, AND meet one of the following criteria:


(1) have not submitted claims for 2018 dates of service OR


(2) have submitted claims for 2018 dates of service but have received zero payment for those claims.


Full release is available here. They also increased the amount of claims that can be manually entered on the portal from 200 to 250. The 250 claim limit allows providers to submit up to 99 detail lines for up to 250 clients every day. 


Also, Behavioral Health Billing Solutions, LLC. has been a supporter of the Ohio Council of Behavioral Health and Family Services Providers for a long time due to the advocacy they do for agency’s in Ohio. We have decided to become an Affiliate Member in order to assist in any way we can. Our goal is to offer assistance to as many agency’s in Ohio that are struggling to adapt to the changes. 


For more details and information on the services we provide, click here.


And become a member today, it’s an important investment for any agency! To get information on becoming a member of Ohio Council, click here.