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Why are Bi-weekly Medicaid EDI meetings important to participate in? 


  •         1. Be heard – If you are having specific problems billing or understanding the billing guidelines since January 1st, take the time and share your issues.

  •         2. Be informed – Multiple coding changes and specific requirements for billing are discussed on this call. If you’re not on it, you probably don’t know.

Below are links to information shared in the last few meetings as well as other informational releases we feel are important for providers to be aware of.


03/2/2018 EDI Group Slides – 1/2 hour allowed for call.


01/24/2018 EDI Group Slides Big Gap, you may notice. Apparently, we thought everything was going smoothly so no need for calls.


01/10/2018 EDI Group Slides


Additional information is frequently released via MITS BITS. For example, specific information related to the change in payment schedule. Link here. 


Or maybe specific information related to the registration of Dependent and Unlicensed providers (WHICH IS NOW OPEN). Link here.


It’s important to note that ALL providers, independent, dependently licensed and unlicensed providers must have an NPI and be registered with Medicaid by July 1st.

In addition, the carve in to Managed Care is July 1st and they are estimating a 90 day turn around for contracting. 90 days is tomorrow and unfortunately, that is not an April fool’s day joke.


Or maybe you would like info on how to dispute a denied claim upon admission or discharge for a residential client. Link here. 


Fact is there are important informational releases your agency may or may not be receiving. The next meeting is Wednesday, April 4th. If you would like an invite, reach out to BHBS direct.


Be aware of all opportunities to attend these important meetings, via phone or in person. Second,  stay tuned to BHBS’s website as we strive to provide the latest information as quickly as possible.


Questions? Call 614-395-0136. We are here to help.