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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019, Behavioral Health Billing Solutions, LLC. had our second webinar offered for free to all agencies across Ohio.


“BHBS-Decoding your 835 or remittance advice payment.”



The webinar was in response to a MITS BITS released by January 4th by ODM stating specific timeline’s for the MCO’s to work with agencies to provide technical assistance or pay for claims stuck due to system issues on the side of the MCO.



My concern was whether or not, agencies know what to look for and have the correct resources for reaching out to the MCO’s, which according to ODM is the responsibility of each agency.



So we decided to offer a webinar with a 1 week turn around. It sold out due to how many agencies are concerned about this very issue and of course, the more recent issue arising around the new NCCI edit for SUD Group and case management. Unfortunately, our go-to-meeting crashed and burned due to how many people were attending. Many did not get the ability to stay on the webinar, some walked through slides and stayed on the phone and some gave up entirely.


Well, I recorded it. There are lots of interruptions, beeps, rude people when I un-muted attendees but there is also a lot of good information shared and questions asked and answered. We attempted to remove the beeps of people falling off and on the webinar, however, even my guru couldn’t fix it. We were deliberating whether or not to release the video when I saw the statement below released by ODM yesterday.




Behavioral Health Billing Solutions: Navigating Ohio Behavioral Redesign with Expert Guidance.



They are asking agencies if they need to allow more time for the MCO’s and agencies to work together to resolve issues. You should receive a survey by email tomorrow.



The answer is yes.




I can’t stress the importance of this issue. IF you have issues with denials or short payments that you believe are incorrect or if you don’t fully understand what the MCO’s are asking for, it’s your responsibility to ask for help. They are required to give it.




BHBS provides similar assistance but on a one on one basis. The important thing right now is for you to get in touch with the MCO’s with information they can work with and hopefully, provide assistance.




It’s also why we decided to post the video, warts and all, to agencies, legislators and anyone who cares in the state of Ohio. You have the opportunity to listen to agencies who are on their last line of credit and haven’t received payments from specific MCO’s for certain services since July 1st, as well as receive guidance from BHBS on what to look for in your remittance advice so you know what to reach out to the MCO’s about. 



The slide deck from the webinar is available here. 




The recording of the webinar is available here. We plan to add it to our you-tube channel but right now, it’s more important to make the information available to all.


Also,  the Provider Enrollment task force is working on a universal enrollment form. One of the MCO’s requested I get it out to our clients even though it is still draft. It is available here.




In the last two weeks, We’ve received calls from at least 20 agencies needing assistance or having questions they needed answers to. At BHBS, we do our best to be available to as many as possible. Our focus moving forward will be directed toward our client base, current and future. 




It doesn’t mean there won’t be webinars in the future available to agencies, it just means that right now, TODAY, it’s so overwhelming, we need to focus on what we can impact. And that’s our clients.




So,as always, if you need information or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at Behavioral Health Billing Solutions. In a year and a half, we have grown from one to ten on our team and have plans to grow more in 2019.





We will do what we need to in order to help as many as possible. Once again, it’s up to agencies to ask.





My email is and my cell is 614-395-0136. We are here to help.