Focus Residential Group

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for all the updates you’ve been providing to us providers!
I have been inundated with all the information that’s been coming from everywhere but yours is the MOST valuable and makes the most sense to us.
When you send the information out as (in my words)-already digested information it helps us providers work on the other issues at hand.
I just want you to know, I read every single email I get from
BHBS and although I may not get the chance to reply, your information is invaluable to our team and I personally appreciate your knowledge and your willingness to educate us.
Thank you again so much!!
You and the whole BHBS Team are appreciated by all of us at Focus Residential Group.
If I could send you a big hug, I would!!
Stay safe and healthy ❤️

Kelly Gifford, Executive Director
Focus Residential Group

The Recovery Council

I can’t thank you all enough for what you are doing. The staff at The Recovery Council work their tails off – from MIS and billing, to Admin and HR, to direct and residential service staff. We have many areas where we can get better but I have complete confidence in their passion and desire to help others find a new life. There are many things that keep me awake at night but you all are relieving the stress in a significant way. I’m so glad you are on our side. Thank you!

Pam Johnson
CEO of Pike Recovery Council, EMS Healthcare Informatics

EMS Healthcare Informatics

I have had the pleasure of working with Teresa Heim in different capacities and she has been a huge asset to our firm in all of them.

As a client of our software and services she has assisted us many times in refining our offerings and enhancing our software’s effectiveness in the field.

As an independent consultant, she has worked tirelessly to help our mutual clients understand their entire revenue cycle and improve their billing and cash flow and in the process, helps our clients better utilize our software.

And as a mutual stakeholder in the healthcare services world, Teresa has forged relationships in State and County departments and with other service providers to build a network of ideas and strategies that benefit everyone.

Teresa’s knowledge, skills, and determination will be a huge asset to anyone who engages her services.

David Pontrello
Vice President, EMS Healthcare Informatics

Children’s Resource Center

We first worked with Teresa in 2013 when we were adopting our first electronic health record.

The transition was very successful with no disruption to our cash flow based largely on her ability to help us prepare. She is so knowledgeable about the inner workings of an electronic health record and stays very current on the ever changing state regulations.

I have observed Teresa at many state sponsored meetings and trainings, and she is a strong advocate for BH and AOD providers across Ohio.

Melanie VanDyne
Director of Operations, Children's Resource Center

The Counseling Center, INC.

Teresa is the bomb…..drop the mic.

She has worked with our organization for over 5 years. She is a tireless worker with a tremendous attention to detail. Her knowledge of behavioral health billing has kept us ahead of the curve in managing our revenue cycle in a rapidly changing environment.

Kevin Blevins
Chief Business and Development Officer, The Counseling Center, Inc

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