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Management Improvement Strategies with Behavioral Health Billing Solutions.

So what’s the latest on the challenges with Ohio Behavioral Health?

On April 10th, ODM had a follow up webinar to the Provider enrollment webinar held in March when the providers listings now available on the BH Medicaid website were announced. Slides from the webinar are available here.


Some clarifications were provided but not a lot of new info. 


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The feedback BHBS has been receiving is mixed. We love it because we can easily look and see why claims are not paying. Our clients and other contacts have expressed an issue with the distribution of a list that is not agency specific with regard to access. I certainly understand that concern because right now, agencies are paying more for registered providers while getting paid less. Obviously, while the intent was good and overall, very valuable, I do understand the other side. 



Last week, I was invited to present to a group of providers specializing in the MOM’s program, pregnant women with substance abuse issues, an unfortunate population that is severely impacted by the Opioid epidemic.


It was a small group, 9 agencies and we managed to have presenters from Zeph Center and BHBS, as well as participation from CareSource, Paramount, Molina and UHC with only 1 weeks notice. It was a great setting to share information, network with the MCO’s and for agencies to better understand some of the specific details not widely known with relation to the Redesign.


Thanks to Kathy Paxton for inviting me and the MCO’s to be involved in this special event. Small groups of providers where they can connect with the MCO’s and people that have a wider scope of knowledge on this process is needed across Ohio. My presentation is available here.



As we move forward, it’s important to keep ODM and OhioMAS in the loop on the struggles your agency is experiencing. 



On a happy note, Behavioral Health Billing Solutions is continuing to grow to meet the expanding needs in Ohio. We’ve recently brought on two new EHR Billing Specialists to round out our team and have had a complete re-work of our website. Take a moment to meet our team and see the wide range of services we offer. And keep in mind, if we don’t do it, we know and trust someone who does. 


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